How Blockchain addresses the copyright and piracy problem in Photography?

Due to the internet, copyrighted works such as photographs can be easily accessed and used. While social media creates numerous opportunities for digital photographers and artists, its downside cannot be ignored.

Every day millions of photos are shared on the internet endlessly, and more than half of them are stolen or shared without copyright. According to some reports, every artist in today’s world must have encountered this issue at least once in their lifetime or about 200 times. To understand how Blockchain can help resolve this problem, it’s essential to understand the root cause of the problem.

Digital Photography Shortcomings

When talking about digital photography, the first platform that comes to mind is social media. Social media has abundant resources and the most extensive user base of any other platform. For this reason, photographers choose to upload their work but unknowingly or knowingly harm themselves in doing so.

When someone posts an image on social media, it is immediately reshared and forwarded to thousands of users, which they reshare again. In a matter of hours, the original image gets circulated all over the internet and cannot be traced. Traditional solutions such as putting a watermark or copyright on the picture don’t work as well because they can be easily removed.

So, the image that was once original and unique has several pirated copies all over the internet. To make the matter worse, corporations use these images as well by slightly manipulating the image so that it does not resemble the original photo.

Not only an intellectual property of an artist is used without permission, but it also strips it away from any monetary value. Digital photographers use social media for building their portfolios and networking. But if there already are hundreds of copies of the original image, no one will pay to use it exclusively.


So what’s the solution, you may ask? Blockchain is the only viable solution for this problem. Tokenization has become increasingly popular because of its ability to add value to real-world assets. By assigning a token such as an NFT to an image, its ownership can be permanently secured, and all future transactions relating to the image can be easily tracked.

Picnab has emerged as the perfect solution for this problem by creating a blockchain-powered NFT marketplace for stock images that provides value to digital photos.

Picnab, The One-Stop Solution

Picnab is the world’s first blockchain-powered NFT marketplace that aims to set free all-digital stock photos and assets using NFTs. Every image uploaded on the platform is assigned an NFT to secure its ownership permanently. As NFTs are immutable, their ownership cannot be altered, giving the complete over the photo to the photographer.

Photographers can showcase their original artwork on Picnab’s global marketplace and interact with sellers from around the world. Even after selling the photo as an NFT, the credits of the image will remain with the artist.

As it is a stock image platform, users can download copies of the image for free without harming the creators. As on every download, the photographer receives PIC, the reward token by Picnab, their monetary benefits are not harmed, thus creating a unified solution for everyone.

About Picnab

Picnab is the world’s first blockchain-powered NFT stock image platform for photographers. It uses NFT to secure the copyright of an image and address the many shortcomings of social media and other digital platforms. Photographers and other digital artists can upload their work on Picnab’s global marketplace and sell it in the form of NFTs.

Picnab relies on PIC, a reward token by the company to reward their photographers for their contribution and create a fair ecosystem for both creators and the users. Among several features, Picnab offers:

  • Picnab aims to set free all photos on the internet and give the owners the real value of their hard work.
  • A global platform where photographers and artists can showcase and sell their photos and artworks as NFTs to a large audience of collectors.
  • We assign every photo and artwork with an NFT that makes the ownership and copyright immutable.
  • A global platform where users can download copies of the original photos for free and use them anywhere they want.
  • The content creators will be rewarded with a PIC token for every download.

Picnab creates a win-win situation for every entity involved in the workings of the platform without diminishing the value of the photo or ownership. Picnab is a disruptive platform that will revolutionize the digital space for photographers and other artists.

PIC Token holders can choose to mint their photos/tokens as NFTs and earn additional rewards or sell the NFTs on Picnab’s marketplace to global buyers without worrying about transferring ownership of the image.

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